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SATHENNA is a professional network of creators who will help you to manage and promote your artistic projects.



Artists have to be entrepreneurs, marketing directors, consultants, bookers, producers, content creators, finance managers, creative directors, etc., the list is endless. All this is important when we are talking about being successful in the long run. When done properly, this is the most time-consuming part of your work. So, doesn't it sometimes feel like pursuing your artistic work becomes the smallest part of your daily business? This is where SATHENNA can help you. Due to professional experience, in successfully managing projects, a network was created, which will help you to organize and manage your work. Offering the perfect surrounding to be able to advance and lift you to the next important step in your career. 

We count on an international network of professionals from different areas such as

Project Management Eventmanagement Videography Photography

Social Media 

Web/Graphic Design Music Production

Sound Engineering Record Labels

Music Studios

Creative Directors

PR & Marketing Experts



The head of SATHENNA
is Susanna Pavlidis 

After years of experience in the corporate PR and Marketing sector, Susanna decided to change the path. Away from commercial Marketing and right into gaining more visibility to one of the most important assets of our society, Arts & Culture. So, she completed a master's degree in cultural communication in Barcelona, Spain.

After completing several successful projects within agencies on an international level with customers such as Nivea, New Era, L'Oréal Professional, Samsonite, Swatch, and within companies like Kushel, Ethnotek and N'go Shoes she decided to become self-employed and founded SATHENNA.

Susanna has lived in different countries (USA, Mexico, Spain) and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her open mind, heart and her skills in 6 different languages make it easy to communicate with her. Thanks to her international experience and professionalism she counts with a broadly connected network of experts.

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